A shower just for your bottom.

Washing instead of just wiping - for a squeaky clean booty.

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Why HappyPo?

Gentle cleaning for a hygienically fresh feeling: The use of bidets is standard in many parts of the world. Here you can find out why HappyPo is the best way to a clean bottom.

For expectant and new mums.

Hygiene during and after pregnancy.

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For a clean planet.

Reduce toilet paper and get your butt clean for the long term.

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For period hygiene.

A clean refreshment for your personal hygiene.

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Hygienically fresh & clean with HappyPo - here's how:

  • Fill with water
  • Position under your butt
  • Gently squeeze the bottle
  • Dry off
  • Feel fresh!

Natural. Safe.Less Waste.Recommended by Experts.

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Gentle cleaning with water
Recommended by doctors and midwives
Better for you and our planet
No batteries needed
Suitable for the whole family
Take it anywhere

Our customers get it: water is so much better!

Find out what others think about HappyPo.

I actually got it as a gift and was a bit skeptical until I finally tried it and absolutely loved it!! For people with gut and bowel issues or who are generally plagued by diarrhea, HAPPYPO is a game changer, a true blessing! I immediately got a second one, which is now with my parents.

- D.O.

Honestly, when I got the item, the first thing I thought was: what kind of shit is that....???! But I tried it. And what should I say? Brilliant!!! My remaining wet wipes have already dried up - we don't need them anymore. We don't need as much dry toilet paper anymore either. And you feel really clean and refreshed after using it.

- Hannelore

This mobile bidet is so simple and yet so much better than cleaning with toilet paper that I really recommend it to everyone. I have a HappyPo next to every toilet in the house and just take one with me when I travel. HappyPo is also preferable to all permanently installed bidet solutions, as the latter are significantly more expensive and more complex to install.

- lminator

I can only recommend the product for use at home. The large bottle holds enough water for a larger company. You really need less toilet paper. I also bought a smaller one for the office.

- Lawyer

When done right, it works very well. Nothing splashes around, especially not when you use the stool. It was actually one of the best purchases I've made. Significantly more hygienic and a much better feeling. No more irritated skin, hardly any paper consumption.

- Liz

Natural and safe care for women of all ages.

It reduces the risk of vaginal infections. Perfect for gentle cleansing during your period, HappyPo will keep you safe. It is also suitable for the care of the intimate area of ​​expectant and new mums.

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Helps men stay healthy too. Goes below the belt.

Unfortunately, the prostate and rectum are still a bit taboo. But that shouldn't stop you from keeping both in the best of health. HappyPo can alleviate the symptoms of intestinal diseases. Ideal for men over 30.

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More fun for the kids, less work for mom and dad.

No more sore bottoms and itchy rashes. Toilet paper and wet wipes often cause unpleasant skin irritations in children. HappyPo gently cleanses with water, preventing rashes and sore bottoms.

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Supported by professionals

Symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, or anal fissures are uncomfortable. With daily use, HappyPo alleviates these symptoms.

As a proctologist and surgeon, I can advise everyone to cleanse with water. It helps prevent itching and skin irritation — unlike toilet paper and wet wipes. This is particularly important if you suffer from hemorrhoids, frequent toilet trips or after surgery in the intimate area. HappyPo offers a smart solution here, which is also very suitable for on the go. - DR. PHILLIP KÖLLN
I love the HappyPo and don't want to be without it anymore! Of course I'll pass the tip on to all my friends, because I find HappyPo indispensable, especially when I'm in bed!" - ANJA PANNEK, Midwife


Is the jet adjustable?

HappyPo's minimalist design ensures ease of use: it contains no adjustable parts, the spray can only be regulated by squeezing the bottle.The more pressure you put on the bottle, the heavier the drizzle.

What sizes is HappyPo available in?

The original model is available in 300ml and the XL version in 450ml.

How do I use HappyPo?

After you've done your business, sit and point the nozzle at your butt, either front-to-back or back-to-front.Squeeze a few times, then dry off with toilet paper.Just as!

How long can HappyPo be used?

Only water is required for HappyPo, no batteries!That means you can fill it up wherever you can find water.For example, you can fill it up at home and it lasts for a whole day (you can carry it in the included travel bag).

The average delivery time for HappyPo products is 5-7 days.
The warranty period for the purchase of used items is one year.
Right of withdrawal
You have the right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days.


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