PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original
PodShower - The Original

PodShower - The Original

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Safe and gentle • German design • Durable and ergonomic

Cleans naturally, just with water. Eco-friendly care, good for your butt and our planet. Gentle and recommended by doctors. For daily use, even after surgery and childbirth. Eliminates bacteria and prevents odors and infections.

  • Choose from 7 cool colors
  • Free travel bag for on the go
  • NEW Easy-Bidet XL 450ml now available

Dimensions (screwed together): 28 x 6 x 5 cm

Proven benefits for women of all ages

The HappyPo not only cleans all buttocks, but also the female genital area. The HappyPo is suitable for daily use and is recommended by experts during menstruation as well as during and after pregnancy.

Can prevent against:

  • bladder infections
  • itching
  • dryness
  • skin tongues
  • vaginal thrush
  • Increased sensitivity

Women have used bidets to feel fresh and clean for decades. Water is the most natural way to protect the vaginal flora from infection. Like a conventional bidet, HappyPo simply rinses away the bacteria and ensures an all-round good feeling underneath

Fresh today and healthy tomorrow

HappyPos are a small step for intimate hygiene and a big step for men's health! Daily thorough cleaning can help keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy in the long term.

Can prevent against:

  • hemorrhoids
  • rectal inflammation
  • itchiness
  • rectal infections
  • prostate inflammation
  • Unpleasant smells

men listen up! Rectal health and prostate are not topics that people like to talk about. But they are important issues. Bidets can support daily care and prevent serious health problems. A HappyPo a day keeps the doctor away...

Safe and effective for the whole family

For the little ones, the application is not only easy, but also a lot of fun! Now water park can be played every day.

Can prevent against:

  • sore bums
  • skin irritation
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Small accidents

Have you successfully completed potty training? Going to the toilet works almost as well as with the big ones? Then now is the right time to learn hygiene in a playful way with HappyPo. Water jets are not only fun, they also help with sore buttocks!

Better for you — and for our planet.

50 percent less toilet paper doesn't sound like much. But makes a huge difference! If only every second person used a HappyPo, we could save 2.5 million kilos of plastic packaging and 65 trillion liters of water every year. 130,000 fewer trees would be felled and 470 million kilos less CO2 would be emitted.


What's the problem with toilet paper?

Toilet paper doesn't fix the problem, it just spreads it. The “problem”: our chair. Or the bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that live there. Although they help us with digestion, they can cause infections and diseases outside the intestine. And the smell is just not delicious apple pie. Toilet paper minimizes the problem, but does not clean thoroughly. And our skin often reacts sensitively to all the swiping.

But my wipes are great, aren't they?

no While wet wipes can remove stool more thoroughly, they often irritate the skin unnecessarily. This is due to the fragrances and alcohols it contains. And they didn't lose anything on our buttocks. In addition, the wet wipes are neither particularly good for the environment nor for the sewage system. So-called "fatbergs", sometimes as big as buses, regularly block tunnels. These monsters consist not only of fat, but above all of diapers and wet wipes.

Aren't bidets just for French villa owners?

corn non! When we think of bidets, perhaps we are just thinking of the marble-tiled bathrooms of the noblesse. But that's exactly what we want to change. We want everyone to be able to afford a bidet, no matter how, where and what they live on. No more expensive renovations, no complicated plumbing, and no more confusion with a weird baby bath tub. Viva la HappyPo!

Why am I just now hearing about bidets?

Because bidets have been a bit forgotten in our country. Originally, in the so-called Western world, bidets were actually reserved for the upper class and were considered a luxury item. In addition, they were often associated with female intimate hygiene and overly revealing sexuality. Outlawed as unnecessary luxury and lewd frivolity, the bidet never made it into the average bathroom.

Does my HappyPo really make me cleaner down there?

Yes, that's right. With HappyPo you not only feel cleaner, fresher and healthier. A study from the UK has shown that cleaning with water also removes faecal bacteria. And because you don't touch your butt directly with the HappyPo, you also avoid direct contact between your hand and the chair. This way, germs and the like don't get very far.

What keeps my HappyPo fresh?

A very good question! The HappyPo not only cleans your buttocks, but your entire intimate area. For one thing, bacteria are not simply swept from A to B and then lead to infections in the wrong places. On the other hand, women can also rinse their vulva with water and men their penis and testicles.

I've never dried off down there. How does this work?

This is very simple and not really different from drying your hands or hair. After using the HappyPo, your bottom will still be a little wet. Then you can either take a few pieces of toilet paper or a dry washcloth or a towel. Even if your bottom should be completely clean after the butt shower, it is important that you change the washcloth and towel regularly. Alternatively, you can simply let your bottom air dry.

Wait, how long does it take my butt to air dry?

In order to be able to answer this question with scientific precision, none other than the HappyPo team undertook a field test. Using life, limb and butt, the team ended up with an average drying time of 38 seconds. If you look at life on earth from the first protozoa to the present day, it is not long. You can also use these 38 seconds for beautiful thoughts. For example, how you don't use toilet paper right now and save trees from their certain deforestation death!

Does my HappyPo also ensure good sex hygiene?

Aha, now we come to the really exciting part. The HappyPo can be used very well before and after sex. The butt shower not only cleans your buttocks, but also your entire genital area. During sex, foreign bacteria often get lost in our most sensitive parts and can wreak havoc there. Thorough cleaning after sex can prevent vaginal thrush and bladder infections in particular.

Can I use HappyPos if I have hemorrhoids?

Yes, you can and in fact you should. Light water pressure, like a sitz bath, can help reduce feelings of pressure and relieve pain. Toilet paper often aggravates symptoms like itching and burning and can cause sensitive skin to become even more irritated. HappyPo, on the other hand, cleanses gently and without irritation.

Can I use HappyPos if I am pregnant or have just given birth?

Yes. Midwives even recommend bidets to care for the female genital and anal areas during and after pregnancy. Bidets are particularly gentle on the skin, which can be very sensitive and swollen, especially before and after childbirth. The HappyPo is also a great option for mums-to-be who are no longer so flexible and for whom wiping with toilet paper is simply exhausting.

What if I often have to go to the toilet because of a gastrointestinal disease?

Then a bidet is a good option for you! Doctors even expressly recommend the HappyPos for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the chronic inflammatory bowel disease Crohn's disease. The gentle jet of water irritates the bottom far less than conventional toilet paper and does not dry out even very sensitive skin.

Is there anyone who should not use HappyPos?

Our butt showers are perfect for all buttocks of all shapes and sizes. However, the same applies to the HappyPos as to all other intimate care products: Please be careful and handle them carefully. Please only use lukewarm water and only apply gentle pressure to them.

How hard do I have to press the HappyPo?

The design of the HappyPo Easy bidets comes from Germany. Our development team has put a lot of thought into ergonomics and tested a large number of versions. Now the HappyPos are easy to hold and a light pressure on the bottle is enough to get your bottom nice and clean. How much pressure you have to exert and how firm you like your water jet is ultimately up to you. Practice creates masters! 

What if there is no more water in my HappyPo?

Oh, this is of course a very unfavorable situation. So that you never sit on the toilet with an empty HappyPot and start contorting wildly towards the tap, it is best to fill your HappyPot to the top every time. If you still find yourself regularly left dry, it's best to get our XL Easy-Bidet (450 milliliters), which has 50 percent more volume than the normal Easy-Bidet (350 milliliters).

Do I have to use cold water?

Brrr! No, under no circumstances should you use cold water. As you now know, the skin around your bottom is very sensitive, she's a spoiled princess and doesn't like trips to the North Pole. It is best in late summer on the Mediterranean coast. We therefore recommend that you only use lukewarm water.

Can I still read the newspaper while sitting on the toilet with HappyPo?

But of course! Of course, our butt revolution leaves this fundamental right untouched. You can celebrate going to the toilet in all form and stock up on complete with sports section, moderately difficult sudokus and tax return. Or take a few selfies for your dating app and then have your annual review on Zoom. No matter what you do: As long as you only swipe your screen and not your butt, we're happy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6438 reviews
Great product

Really ingenious little device. Easy to use and effective. Just wish it was manufactured in the EU, USA, or other progressive country.

Feel clean

Like to use every day. Makes me feel cleaner. Don’t save on TP as still need to wipe dry. Nifty little device. Thanks

Carl Hippensteel

PodShower - The Original

Vicki Joseph
Clean feeling

I really like this product! After having shoulder surgery I found it difficult to take extra care down there. This product helps so much to make me feel cleaner and fresher.


Loving this item! It keeps you fresh all day. I bought two so I can carry one with me too.

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