An Episiotomy during Childbirth

What exactly is an episiotomy?

When is an episiotomy performed and by whom?

What should I know about the treatment and care of an episiotomy injury?

Episiotomy these days is sewn with self-dissolving threads, so you don't have to worry about that.Even if it used to be assumed that an episiotomy would heal better than a perineal tear, the opposite is apparently the case.The reason is that an episiotomy cuts structures that might not have been destroyed by a tear.However, the difference in time is relatively small.You can allow about a month for the healing.It also applies to episiotomy healing or episiotomy care that you should be careful with the wound when going to the toilet so that the episiotomy seam does not open.It's best to take very small steps to the toilet to protect the area.You will quickly get a feeling for what is good for you and the perineal seam.Cooling pads, a hip bath with anti-inflammatory agents and our butt shower for going to the toilet are helpful.You can use it to gently clean yourself around the wound with water.Without having to rinse or touch seams.