What are hemorrhoids and when do they appear?

What Are the Different Types of Hemorrhoids?

Severity: In this case, the hemorrhoids cannot yet be felt. It is the mildest form of the condition, in which enlarged veins are only visible with a proctoscopy (anal canal endoscopy).

Degree of severity:  Here, the hemorrhoids are already pressed out of the anus under increased pressure, but then pull themselves back into the last section of the digestive tract.

severity.  The hemorrhoids show up outside the anal canal when pressure is applied, but they have to be pushed back into the canal.

severity. The most severe degree of suffering is characterized by hemorrhoids that are permanently visible on the outside of the anal canal and cannot be pushed back. In many cases, the mucous membrane of the anal canal is also visible.

How can hemorrhoids be treated?

Severity:  This often involves sclerotherapy, in which the doctor injects a liquid into the affected area that causes blood flow to decrease and less blood to flow through the vein, eventually causing it to shrink.

Severity:  Binding or icing is often used here. Sometimes also at the third degree of severity. The doctor ties off the vessel (so that it is no longer supplied with blood) or he freezes it so that it dies after a while. and 4.

Severity:  In this case, the affected vessels must be surgically removed. Either scissors, scalpels or lasers are used for this.

What should I consider when it comes to hygiene and what helps against pain?

When it comes to hygiene and dealing with hemorrhoids in general, it is particularly important to take the time to have a bowel movement.Just take it slow, too much pressure is bad.Ideally, you don't use toilet paper, but warm water to clean your bottom.This saves you sore spots and keeps it hygienically clean (for example with our butt shower), which works like a handy bidet.Against pain
ointments based on aloe vera or witch hazel are recommended.Lidocaine ointments are also available to numb the area.A remedy that you know from the dentist, for example.Certain anal tampons are also available, with which you can only let the ointment work in the anal canal.Depending on the severity.As soon as you realize that you may have problems with hemorrhoids, consult your family doctor!