Clean butts for
a clean

We use alot of toilet paper.

To be precise, almost 26 kilograms per person per year. This allows the Eiffel Tower to be completely wrapped. A lot of trees have to be felled for this. Water, fuel and chemicals are then needed to make toilet paper from trees. At that point, at the latest, nature refuses. And so should we.
To meet our demand for toilet paper, 27,000 trees are cut down each year. Deforestation is not always sustainable and trees are often not replanted. The large CO2 reservoirs on our planet are lost in the process. And if we're not careful, a future with fresh air and a good climate at the same time.

We swim in plastic

An estimated 4.5 million kilos of plastic from toilet paper packaging alone are currently floating in our seas.

Less stress for you -and for the environment.

Bidets are one of the so-called green technologies because they save toilet paper and thus also conserve the resources required for production. As more people switch from paper to water, millions of rolls can be saved every year. More love for your butt, more love for your planet.
Saved toilet paper are saved resources! The savings of a world without toilet paper:

  • 125 billion liters of water
  • 940 million tons of CO2 CO2
  • 11 million trees
  • 450 tons of chlorine

Your business.
Your part.

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