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★★★★★ The small shower for big business!!
By musti

I'm very happy to have found HappyPo. I use about 80% less toilet paper which is good for my bum (less rubbing) and good for the environment. In addition, you have a fresh feeling after the big deal. A tip from me, fill HappyPo with lukewarm water, because that makes cleaning very pleasant. A clear buy recommendation from me!

★★★★★ Product delivers what it promises - Never again without!
By Francis

I bought the butt shower a week ago and I am absolutely thrilled! I can't even imagine wiping my butt with toilet paper anymore. I thought this physical phenomenon to be unlikely, but not a drop of water escapes when held down. This keeps the floor and the toilet seat completely dry.
The decisive thing for me, however, was the duck taking a shower and it's just great! It is self-adjustable by your own hand and very strong, so everything is clean after you shower! Will no longer allow my family to do this toilet paper alone in the future and look forward to the next delivery 😃 Thank you thank you thank you!

★★★★★ Great product with room for improvement
By macraq
The product works and does what it should. Currently the best solution, because hygienic cleaning with dry toilet paper is often not possible or only possible with a lot of paper. And damp paper is not a solution because of the enormous burden on the environment and especially on the sewage system. The application is easy, convenient and works perfectly if you follow the given instructions. I find it creepy to use it as a mouthwash at the same time. And - as with toothbrushes - each family member should have their own butt shower. The construction of the screw cap is probably due to the quick handling. So far (after about 10 uses) everything is tight and tip-top. We'll see if the foam-like seal seals well over time. Otherwise I would like - especially for children - a cheerful design, e.g. as an animal or cartoon character. And that the product is included in the standard range of supermarkets at a slightly lower price (e.g. 15 euros).
★★★★★ Absolutely top - don't want to miss it anymore !!
By Jan L.
I've been using Happypo since the prototype came out and I'm just thrilled. What has been established in Asian and Arab countries for ages is finally coming to Europe with this product - without installation, electricity and with a water temperature that you can choose yourself. I'll go out on a limb and say it's the best €20 I've ever invested!! Just great.
★★★★★ Must-have when traveling
By Honey
I lived in Egypt for a while and was very impressed by the shower toilets there. Back in Germany I bought a shower toilet attachment for my toilet. Since I'm on the road a lot privately and professionally and don't want to do without "wet cleaning" even then, I ordered this mobile buttock shower.
The design is kept simple in white. The size i