So that the bottom
is also at the top

More and more people are turning to HappyPo and cleaning with water. The advantages over toilet paper are clear.

Against harmful bacteria

After big business, you have a lot of bacteria on your buttocks, which can lead to bad inflammation.Toilet paper rubs and wipes and spreads the bacteria.HappyPo, on the other hand, simply washes away the germs with hydropower.

Soft and sparkling clean

Toilet paper often causes dryness, itching, and irritation.And our bums don't like that at all.HappyPo cares for sore bottoms and gently rinses them clean with water.

Wipe less, save more

The bathroom does not need to be renovated for a lot of money, nor does it need expensive installations.You buy your HappyPo once and it saves you many rolls of toilet paper every year.

Less consumption

Save more than 50 percent toilet paper.After the butt shower, all you need is a few leaves.Happy Pos can be used over and over again and will last forever.

Down with the wet wipes

Because with HappyPo your butt will be just as clean.Only without all the chemicals and allergens found in many wet wipes.Your bottom, your environment and the sewage system will thank you!

Anywhere and on the go

No matter where you end up, your HappyPo likes to come with you.Safely stowed in the travel bag, it accompanies you when camping, hiking, and on every adventure.

agrees like H2 and O

Bidets clean more thoroughly and efficiently than toilet paper. Cleansing with water can relieve discomfort from hemorrhoids, fissures, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Clean, safe, simple - and for everyone.

No matter how big or small, young or old, fat or thin you are, HappyPo suits you.