Crohn's Disease

What is Crohn's disease and when does Crohn's disease occur?

What are symptoms and how can Crohn's disease be treated?

What should I consider when it comes to hygiene and what helps with pain?

Patients often complain of severe pain in the lower right abdomen caused by the inflammation.The type of pain can vary and occur in cramps, dull, stabbing and long-lasting.The pain often begins after eating.Therefore, an important remedy for pain is to find out which foods cause discomfort and which do not.As a rule, food should be chewed well and taken in the form of smaller meals.And take your time!Stress is poison in this disease.Meditation and autogenic training can reduce stress and thus pain.Hot-water bottles and warm baths also help against pain.Because Crohn's disease drugs affect your immune system, increased hygiene is very important.Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizerwear mouth and nose protection in public and change towels and bed linen often.When going to the toilet, it's important that you clean your butt thoroughly and gently because diarrhea is a very common problem.