PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL
PodShower XL

PodShower XL

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Now the time has finally come: the  extra large HappyPo has arrived!

By popular demand from you, we have this limited edition special designed for anyone who likes something more.

With fifty percent more volume , that means the most complete showering pleasure HappyPo has ever had. companion now - because beware: the edition is limited.

Only while stocks last.

The HappyPo Easy-Bidet XL is delivered without a travel bag.

More Details

THE HAPPYPO PO SHOWER - Known from the founding TV show "La Caverne du Lion. For intimate hygiene with a jet of pure water, as recommended by health experts. Gives a feeling of neat freshness. Gentle on sensitive skin Whether it's everyday well-being or help in exceptional situations. Because your buttocks are like delicate buttocks. r peach. If you rub paper there, it doesn't hurt at all good. That's why there's HappyPo, perhaps the world's simplest bidet. Fill, shower, dry - cool.

100% CLEAN — Only cleaning with a water jet loosens stubborn germs and completely eliminates odor-causing residue in the intimate area.

100% SOFT — Feeling good with hydropower, smoother than any paper. This saves you from excessive wiping, which can spread germs in the skin and cause inflammatory micro-fissures (= painful buttocks). Particularly popular with high hygiene requirements, also for patients with hemorrhoids, for children and many others

50% LESS PAPER  — We help reduce the ecological footprint. Because with HappyPo you only need toilet paper for drying - and thus save at least 50% of the usual consumption. This avoids a lot of waste from toilet paper, wet wipes and packaging.

COMPACT WATER PRESSURE — Even light pressure creates a stream of water that's washed away. You'll be completely clean in no time. Once you try it, you won't want to go back.

Customer Reviews

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Ellen Lewis

PodShower XL

website Kunde


Qualit indiscutableUnquestionable quality

Robust and practical when traveling. Freshness and cleanliness guaranteed throughout the day. Good value for money.


Himmel, Ar..h und Zwirn

Denise Bleak
Bidet-Schmidet. This is portable, does the job

Imagine being able to travel, clean up and stow the tools for the next time. Added bonus to the butt wash: you can mix up a batch of gentle suds for added assurance. Im a hiker. Its awesome when nature calls in the wild.

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